Gastro Q™ - Equine Probiotic and Appetite Formula
Gastro Q™ - Equine Probiotic and Appetite Formula


GASTRO Q™ is a comprehensive nutraceutical formulation geared towards enhancing all aspects of equine digestion and appetite.

GASTRO Q™ combines the benefits of several costly products while delivering higher nutrient and biotic concentrations with exclusive equine-specific strains. Furthermore, unlike gastric pastes, Gastro Q™ does not affect the horse's natural digestive process. Compare Gastro Q's™ daily cost of $2.35 to that of combining ulcer and probiotic pastes at a daily combined cost of $40.

Following are the key points of our novel and result-driven formulation:

- Helps remedy ulcers by reducing the H. Pilori bacteria which causes inflammation of the stomach lining.

- Unlike ulcer pastes, Gastro Q™ is not a proton pump inhibitor and does not interfere with hydrochloric acid production which is essential for proper digestion.

- More economical than expensive ulcer pastes with a daily serving cost of approximately $2.35 compared to $30.00.

- Soothe ulcers with two exclusive high-Dalton fractions of Aloe Barbadensis

- Provides unmatched EQUIFLORA™ probiotic amounts (7 Billion CFU) per dose. More than twice the concentration of expensive Probiotic pastes.

- Provides EQUIYEAST™ equine-specific yeast for proper hind gut digestion

- Provides Spirulina to help balance pH.

- Increases the horse's appetite as reported by horse owners trainers and veterinarians

Top dress 1 scoop twice per day for the first 3 days. May be adjusted to 1 scoop per day as needed.

Each level scoop contains 8,500 mg of PROQUINE's® proprietary blend of Aloe Barbadensis, EQUIYEAST™ equine-specific Saccharomyces Cereviciae, EQUIFLORA™ containing Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Casei and Lactobacillus Plantarum in a base of Spirulina.

PROQUINE’s® uncompromising commitment to quality

GASTRO Q™ contains only the purest bioactive ingredients meeting the highest nutritional standards. There are no fillers used in GASTRO Q™.

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