XTREME™ - Equine Body Builder
XTREME™ - Equine Body Builder


XTREME™ Equine Body Builder is a superior body building formulation. Unlike other body builders, XTREME™ does not contain water (which might account for up to 80% of other liquid formulas). Also, XTREME™ does not contain inferior rice bran oil which make up as little as 15% of other liquid formulas. Instead, XTREME™ is based on pure concentrated MCT, a high performance triglyceride that has been shown to increase body mass as well as energy stores for the competitive athlete. In addition, XTREME™ contains 1,300 mg of Gamma Oryzanol per serving! XTREME™ also contains Phytosterols, proven natural pro-hormonal compounds shown to also increase bulk. CoQ-10 is also included in XTREME™ to help boost mitochondrial function for a higher metabolic energy output. Additionally, XTREME™ contains Branch Chain Amino Acids to help accelerate the body building process.

XTREME™ is unmatched in the equine market for its ability to add mass to the horse. XTREME™ does not contain emulsifiers, water or preservatives. The XTREME™ formula is made of 100% nature-made concentrated nutraceuticals for unmatched results.

PROQUINE’s® uncompromising commitment to quality

XTREME™ contains only the purest bioactive ingredients meeting the highest nutritional standards. XTREME™ is made of 100% nutrition and does not contain emulsifiers, water, or preservatives.

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